The most common interior decoration types in buildings nowadays are tiles and mouldings made of polymeric foams. Mouldings cover gaps and transitions between surfaces. The use of plaster crown mouldings gives aesthetic function to the building by covering unattractive seams.

The varieties of uses of plaster crown moulding are door and window casings baseboards and also furniture. Architectural decorative mouldings are the most popular whereby it includes the reinforcement of a mesh embedded on the plaster moulding. The products are used in interior and exterior walls of old buildings.

The environmental health and safety aspects of decorative plaster crown moulding are a major problem.  Despite decorating the building faster it also adds beauty and makes your living room look awesome. It is not hazardous and it’s one of the best products of plaster moulding. It will make your home appealing to residents and the neighbors.

Decorative mouldings are suitable for any climatic areas, you can choose to use it in every room and make it look stunning. In the production of decorative plaster molds the tools required are: Joint rules used for miter work and also used for bench work. Spring steel busks ideal for scraping shaping and filling plasters. A bowl for bench work with plaster and a small tool just like a spoon for moulding.

In the option of running molds, panel molds is used. Its formation requires a template made of either zinc or aluminum. The stock can be made of three quarters of ply wood. Slippers and running rules can also be used. Casting plaster is mixed in a mixture and then poured into the runn9ing areas .the panel made thereafter id run over the plaster and then clearing is done after each run.

Panel molds are built up in a three mixes whereby the last mix is splashed over the surface of the up panel molds. The plaster starts to set use the small tool to curve the muffle and to remove all the surplus materials.

The tools and materials required for casting plaster slab are:

Class a casting plate, canvas hessian, oil, mixing bowl, builders’ square, pre-greased timber laths, presoaked timber laths, joint rule, and a pair of scissors. A twin slipper molds needs stability and can either run on a bench.

In conclusion, decorative plaster crown moulding is among the best ways for modern housing interior decors.